Responsible Food Producers

First, let’s talk about who we are not.  Our members tend not to be clean-shaven executives who show up at the office tower every day wearing leather loafers, and crispy, starched shirts.  We are on the opposite side of the spectrum from the Big Food oligarchs.  Most of our members are third and fourth generation farmers who have spent the vast majority of their lives laboring with love in the great outdoors.

For sure, our members have a lot more in common with the Natural Food movement than the Big Food companies.  We are at the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices.  Many of us got into the Natural Crush business as a way of adding value to our products, while also providing vertical feed services for local livestock operations.   Relative to the gigantic Big Food processing plants, we are tiny operators.  That’s a good thing.

Board of Directors:

Mark Schuett, President and spokesperson of NOCA:  Mark has been an organic and non-GMO farmer and Natural Crush operator since the early 2000’s.  Along with his wife Julie, Mark realized that the future of farming was changing, making it more difficult for small family farmers to compete.  With a handful of farmer investors, the Schuetts launched American Natural Processors, Inc., in Cherokee, Iowa, and have become one of the leaders in the Natural Crush industry.  The Schuetts also split time managing their organic family farm.

Jim Beckley:  For more than 40 years, Jim has been managing a family farm and livestock operation from his homestead in Clarence, Missouri.  Jim also founded a fertilizer company that has been serving north-central Missouri for two decades, and he was the lead investor in one of the state’s first renewable energy companies.

Pat Conners, Executive Director:  As the chief administrative officer of NOCA, Pat is responsible for day-to-day operations of the trade association, and is responsible for all organizational activities.  For questions regarding membership or donations, or to schedule an interview with Mark Schuett, feel free to call Pat at 314-809-9499.  Or email him at